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Ashish Justin

Ashish Jerry Justin

Ashish is the Co-Founder and CEO of Carnot Innovations Limited.

He leads the company with his domain expertise, technical experience, and is responsible for business development, fundraising, client/investor relations, and overall company direction/strategy.

Over 10 years work experience with clients like MGM Macau, Sands resorts and Swire properties to identify and mitigate operational defects

Ashish is a control and automation professional specializing in Building Automation and Energy Management.

He has a great experience in handling (technical and PM) and completing large scale energy management projects (energy audits, Monitoring based commissioning (MBCx), Operational Design Review, Smart metering and mentoring, and systems integration) across Asia Pacific.

Chris Choy

Chris Choy

Chris is the Co-Founder and CTO of Carnot Innovations Limited.

He has a great experience of Data Analytics and Data Science in multiple industries and domains such as project management & development, time series modeling, retail industry, and banking industry.

Working in Carnot Innovations, Chris created core analytics products monitoring 100k+ sensors, uncovering 90% faults and operation issues within a building.

Previous role in BASF involved root cause analysis, process optimization, time series analysis which is directly applicable in Carnot. He also deployed Smart Optimization Algorithms to directly control building operations, realizing energy saving up to 15% on top of existing automated controls.

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