IoT Integration Dynamic Chiller Plant Controls Optimization
Carnot Innovations integrated data from wireless IOT devices on air side loads served by the district cooling system. Dynamically optimized waterside controls ensured over 10% energy savings while meeting occupant comfort in all the facilities served by the district cooling system.

November 2019 - Ongoing
District cooling systems supply cooling demands for multiple facilities located far from each other. It is paramount to ensure occupant comfort in each of these facilities while optimizing the district cooling chiller plant.

Carnot Innovations together with their system integration partner installed wireless LoRa-based sensors to monitor the air side building cooling demand. Chiller Plant setpoints were then dynamically optimized by Carnot's AI powered engine to ensure improved system efficiency while meeting cooling demand and design operational criteria.

Dynamic Retro-commissioning is generating persistent savings for the entire plant and Carnot's adaptive algorithms self adapt to changing load side operations.
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Together we can apply a data driven approach to building management with advanced machine learning fault detection and AI controls.
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