"Combining expertise in Data Science and Energy Engineering, Carnot is determined to revolutionize the conventional buildings' HVAC system into a green era."

Carnot Innovations leverages our cutting-edge AI software platform to revolutionize the performance of buildings, optimizing equipment maintenance and conserving energy. Our exceptional range of services encompasses in-house AI predictive analytics and advanced algorithms, empowering builders with intelligent solutions.Established in 2018, Carnot is headquartered in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, with a far-reaching presence across Asia. Initially focused on enhancing fault detection for Building Management Systems, our company swiftly recognized the pressing need to curtail energy consumption in buildings, propelling us to develop AI models for energy optimization control strategies. Moreover, Carnot actively partners with major stakeholders to help them attain their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets while advancing sustainability objectives such as carbon emissions tracking. We firmly believe that through the adept utilization of AI, we can contribute to the preservation of our planet without compromising the operational efficiency of businesses or the comfort of building occupants. By forging collaborations with trusted global allies, we embark on an inspiring green journey, united in our commitment to a sustainable future.



Started working for the Hong Kong government on some projects.


Project on building a Lantau Island Solar Path Model which would simultaneously monitor and analyze the Ambient Data.


Project focused on enhancing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of 52 shopping malls in residential areas by implementing cutting-edge AI optimization strategies.


Awarded as the Champion (Startup Team) in New World Innovation Challenge. Named as the Most Sustainable Award (Startup Stream) in New World Innovation Challenge. Awarded the Startup (Software & Apps) Award Certificate of Merit from the HK ICT Awards.


Raised a total of USD800,000 in Seed Round. Secured projects in Thailand and Singapore, deploying our software in malls, hotels, and hospitals.


Joined the InnoTech Programme and moved into Hong Kong Science Park. Landed our first project - a portfolio of 12 Grade A Commercial buildings in Central Business District.


Carnot Innovations Limited is founded in 2018 by co-founders, Mr. Ashish Justin and Dr. Chris Choy. A vision to become the smart brain behind every building.

Meet Our Team

Cross-cultural team with professional expertise across diverse domains. Founded in Hong Kong in 2018, backed by HK Science Park, Govt Funds and Global Venture Capital & Corporate Firms.
Ashish Jerry Justin

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Certified Energy Manager and Master’s degree in Automation from NTU Singapore
  • Over 10 years work experience with clients like MGM Macau, Sands resorts and Swire properties to identify and mitigate operational defects
  • Experienced in inefficient maintenance and related outcomes first-hand
Chris Choy

Co-Founder & CTO

  • PhD in statistics from the University of Oxford
  • Data scientist and a full stack developer
  • 14 years experience in research and industry
  • Previous role in BASF involved root cause analysis, process optimization, time series analysis which is directly applicable in Carnot
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