Grade A Commercial Building in Singapore

The Challenge

Upon comprehending the various control possibilities of the AHU, we proceeded to implement the following strategies for this project:

● Supply Air Temperature Reset
● Static Pressure Reset


After the 4 weeks POC period, the average AHU EER has improved 14.9% from 0.266 to 0.226, and the equivalent fan power energy savings is 14.3%.

This project focuses on a client who owns a large 48-storey building with 96 air handling units (AHUs) in Marina Bay. The client has requested a proof of concept (POC) for air side optimization, which will include 19 floors and a total of 38 AHUs. The primary evaluation matrix for this project will be based on the improvement in Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). The POC has last for 5 weeks, with one week dedicated to base line data collection and four weeks for the optimization period. The data for the project was collected using MQTT technology. The POC has been taken place during March and April of 2023.
Project content
The project consist of 5 phrases:
1. Data Pipeline Development and Live Data Acquisition
2. Airside Control Test
3. Baseline development
4. Airside Optimization model deployment and
5. Result Evaluation
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