The esteemed hospital in Hong Kong faced a unique challenge in maintaining specific humidity and temperature ranges while adhering to stringent healthcare regulations. With limited labor resources, their chiller system struggled to achieve energy-efficient operation. In response, Carnot Innovations devised a customized approach to optimize the chiller system, leveraging data-driven insights and automating certain processes.
Our Solutions

To begin, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing control logic, monitoring various setpoints, supply and return temperatures, and humidity levels. With this understanding, we proposed modifications to improve the chiller's energy efficiency while ensuring optimal indoor conditions. By analyzing historical data, we gained valuable insights into the chiller plant's operational patterns, limits, and challenges. With this knowledge, we worked closely with the hospital's engineering team to prepare necessary technical documentation outlining changes needed in the Building Management System (BMS) to facilitate optimized control strategies. We designed a series of scenarios to assess the potential improvements and validate our optimization strategies. Through careful modification of operation strategies, such as running fewer chillers at higher cooling loads, we were able to enhance the system's energy efficiency without compromising indoor environment quality.


Our analytical platform provides the hospital with daily, monthly, and yearly reviews, covering critical aspects such as energy performance, equipment and system health assessments, and system Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By incorporating monthly electricity bill readings into our calculations, we projected a substantial 5% energy savings by year-end. In conclusion, our partnership with the hospital resulted in improved chiller system efficiency, better-managed humidity and temperature levels, and significant energy savings. Through our innovations, this hospital sets an exceptional example of environmental responsibility within the healthcare sector while optimizing its operations.

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Together we can apply a data driven approach to building management with advanced machine learning fault detection and AI controls.
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