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Carnot AI Powered Analytics Platform

data driven actionable Insights &
automated Energy optimization controls
Carnot AI platform
Combining expertise in energy engineering and data science to make buildings smarter.
From Data acquisition to insights distillation

Discover all the possibilities with Carnot

Data Acquisition
Acquiring data from existing sensors (BMS), remote IoT sensors.
Data Management
Storing trend logs and sensor point management with proper annotations.
Data Visualization
Bring your sensor point data to a full suites of charts and in-depth insights, customized charts available for users.
AI Energy Optimization
Tuned based on individual building data, Energy Optimization AI model automatically converts insights to energy savings.
Predictive Maintenance
Spot faults before they happen enabled by continuous data streaming and advanced algorithms, optimize equipment health to run at peak efficiency.
Prescriptive Insights
Maintenance notifications and Energy Efficiency opportunities identified with actionable outcomes.

Existing energy management control relies heavily on manual control with inefficient baseline settings, which could waste up to 20% of building operation budgets. Carnot has unlocked the power of AI to optimize and automate HVAC energy patterns, involving relevant setpoints, chiller staging and sequencing, pumps, and air handling units, etc.

In conventional BMS system, equipment faults can be left unnoticed and cause a knock-on effect in the HVAC system. Consequently, a lack of fault detection/equipment health status can lead to extra energy consumption of 5 to 10%. Carnot utilize AI machine learning models to detect abnormal deviation of data from normal operation pattern, thus offers prescriptive insights e.g. maintenance notifications for facilities' managers to act upon.


proven reduction in energy costs over existing BMS controls


hidden faults uncovered


reduction in key operation faults

Make your Building Smarter
Together we can apply a data driven approach to building management with advanced machine learning fault detection and AI controls.
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